We help you gain a renewed insight into the value of your brand and translate it into a clear positioning.
Brand strategy

We outline how to create an effective impact in your market. In all of your brand communications, we filter out the obvious and magnify what makes you different.

Brand idea

We (re)build your brand around one big and relevant idea. It tells the essence of what you stand for and acts as a flag that people are willing to follow.



We define what your brand should look and sound like across all levels of communication.
Brand story

We translate your brand idea into a rich and purposeful story that engages your audience and internal stakeholders.

Brand identity

We (re)define the visual outlines of your brand to reflect the image and values you want to communicate.

Brand book

Inspiration is what brings a strategy to life. We consolidate the essence of your brand in a comprehensive document that acts as a manifest and a continuous source of inspiration.



We deliver an implementation plan that will help you, your team and/or your agencies to give your brand a maximal impact in the market.
Brand communication

We cover all planning, creation and implementation services you need to implement a 360° communication approach.

Brand marketing

To take the step from building your brand to generating actual sales, we act as a partner and accelerator to add effectiveness to your company’s marketing management.

Brand tools

With smart style guides, digital asset management tools, training programs, and template systems, we make it easy for your people to work with your brand.

Marrow is a collective of handpicked branding and communication professionals, founded by Jeroen De Wit and Luk van Geel.

brand strategy / marketing / graphic design / photography / content creation / copywriting / web development / digital communication / social media